Author :Zhe Hen Ke Xue A

What is a hexagon playing wild Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:59:00 Latest chapter:This is called double protection platoon! {League of heroes E-sports article}
group warfare, gank, vision, operation, consciousness, hero pool... All filled
GU Xing explains with his career what is called hexagon fighting wild
the 18-year-old Gu Xing unexpectedly discovered his unique talent. Originally, he only wanted to make some living expenses in his spare time in summer to relieve the economic pressure of his family, but he accidentally plunged into the LPL in 2016
there are sweeping EDG, the emerging RNG, and the reorganization of version 2.0 of we in the League...
there are strong enemies outside the league. Lck, which has won the championship for three consecutive years, is like a rainbow. It is still continuing its rule. The European and American divisions are ready to try to turn around, and LPL is still walking in the boundless darkness
but they all came
from the moment Gu Xing embarks on his career path, his goal is only the champion
from the ignorant newcomer to the team leader, and then to the symbol of the division and even the League of heroes, he has stepped up to the peak!
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