Author :Bu Qi Shi Xian

Overturned tower Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:02:00 Latest chapter:The Death Crisis of the Bad The world ruled by the seven Super enterprises is always an immortal species occupying the peak of power. It is not allowed to enact written laws. It is a floating island with a picture of the earth as a prison, and the future in which resources will eventually be exhausted...
people are eager for the birth of real 'Heroes' and coldly look forward to the fall of fallen heroes
as long as you are praised as a hero by the media, you can be forgiven even if you kill people. Every word you say will be praised by people, and the high elves dare not offend the hero
but if the heroes of the past committed even the faults of their family members, as long as the human setup collapsed, the forgiven guilt would rise again like an unquenched fire, and the stars of the past would be instantly reduced to unforgivable sinners...
'- come and be a hero, Russell.'
the most ferocious criminal in the world puts a knife into the hands of a young man and whispers persuasion
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