Author :Tian Zi

No. 1 scholar in Royal dress Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:00:00 Latest chapter:Prelude to Great Blood Exchange In the 10th year of Zhengde, Huguang Anlu. Zhu Hao, who has passed through the children of the royal guards family, has entered the king Xing's mansion and saved Zhu Hourong three times. He is also the benefactor, best friend, classmate and teacher of the future Jiajing emperor. He is surrounded by Jieyuan, Huiyuan and No. 1 scholar. He is also supported by Lu Bing, the commander of the royal guards, and a group of young people. He asks who can stand higher and more stable than me in this bright world
... The son of heaven, who has created the legend of rebirth, the speed of light leader, the cross-border ghost doctor, iron bone, and the top scholar of the cold family, calls on old friends to return to support!
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