Author :Du Bai Yue Guang

Look at the changes in the mirror Serial

Last update:2023-01-25 23:55:00 Latest chapter:stage a comeback [the blood melting Scripture awakens low-level intelligence.]
['blood melting scripture' unlocks personality: I will drink.]
['the Dragon elephant Prajna Sutra' and 'the secret of cause and effect changing careers' share the same interests, unlocking the fetters: purification.]
['hundred and eight troubles worship' unlocks personality: seeking defeat.]
['no gap printing method' unlocks advanced form: small black room.]
['Linglong mind' was locked in a small black room, reflecting on his personality: Yi Dao.]
I have a mirror
left book 'channeling'
the right book is 'Jieyu'
in the middle is the road to heaven
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