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League: suona at the beginning, sent off sister Zhou Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:00:00 Latest chapter:The second opening! Also known as 'the beginning is a song, and sister Zhou's stupid sister is self closed'
Lin Feng passed through S7 and became a small anchor
unexpectedly, bad luck came: I was unexpectedly interacted with big anchor sister Zhou and Lian Mai, and was also asked to perform
Lin Feng wanted to refuse, but unexpectedly...
the black powder selection system came
[option 1: reject sister Zhou and reward her black powder value of 10]
[option 2: take out the suona and play a song 'Yi' for her to reward her lol extreme hand speed]
therefore, sister Zhou's dumb sister and countless netizens who heard the news were shut down
in line with the principle that the more black powder, the more rewards, Lin Feng has played a variety of tricks:
improper people have abused the major players of Korean clothing
in the competition, bright expressions dance and crazy interaction
furiously spray all kinds of small flow fresh meat vomit...
Lin Feng tries to turn all the fans of the other party into his own black powder
just a short time later, Lin Feng, standing on the S7 champion podium, looked at the black powder value of - 9 in the system and was lost in thought
What about the black powder
Sweet text

the core of the book: make everyone feel good and happy.

single female owner, guess who is dumb? Rita? Sister Zhou? Enjing? Dumb sister
PS: don't try to teach the author to write a book. Don't listen to me! (except those who reward golden sprouts ~)
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