Author :Lin Yue Nan Xi

The Red Mansions are leaning against the sky Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:57:00 Latest chapter:Chen Xiao: If Jiangnan Camp is also in his hands, then When thousands of red people cry, they are all sad. White bones like mountains forget their surnames, nothing but childe and red makeup. In order to avoid the fate of being implicated by the Jia family, the souls of the young people of later generations had no choice but to step into the camp. However, when they looked around, they found that the family and the country were in danger of chaos. In order not to make the land of China sink and the land smell fishy, they had no choice but to carry a three foot sword, sweep away the officials, swing the bandits, pacify the tartar prisoners, and pull the heaven
all this started with cutting off Hu Qin Keqing
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