Author :Ding Ding Xiao Shi Tou

I have an altar of luck Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:00:00 Latest chapter:Imperial Concubine Drunken (can be seen) Chen Yuan, a yamen of Ping'an County, came through and hid an altar of Qi in his mind
as long as you sacrifice your Qi, you can get the guidance of heaven's secrets, magic, skills, magic, and natural materials
there are immortals, Buddhas and demons in this world, as well as temples and lakes
there are three thousand sword immortals flying in the sky, the Buddha and the arhat holding the sky, and the Jianghu...
this is the worst time and the best time
My name is Chen Yuan, from the abyss
the resolute style of killing and attacking has two million words. Welcome to read the old book martial arts from mountain bandits
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