Author :Hong Shao Da Hei Yu

Red Knight Serial

Last update:2023-01-24 23:38:00 Latest chapter:The way of giving is to help Yin soldiers 'Brother Wei, how can you cook such a good dish here when you are working and studying alone? Is it not... There is jiao'e hidden in the thatched cottage?'
'ah? Didn't brother Chen send someone to send it every day?'
'what's the matter?'
'isn't it?'
'maybe I forgot about it after I ordered my servant.'
after three rounds of wine, he went out to see off the guests. The next day, Wei Hao pretended to go to the field with farm tools. Halfway through the journey, he returned home and saw a woman emerge from the water tank. Shi ran went to the kitchen to make a fire and cook...
'how can I remember that there was only a snail in the water tank?'
I'm Wei Hao, with the word 'elephant' and the name 'Red Knight'. I'm a traveller and a scholar. I wanted to gain fame and go to the top of my life, but I found that there are demons in the world.
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