Author :Pa La De Hong Jiao

In the beginning, the female devil defeated me Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:03:00 Latest chapter:Infinite Sword Jiang Hao passed through ordinary people's homes and was forced to sell into the magic gate to become a disciple of the magic gate. Originally, I wanted to cultivate with peace of mind and become stronger, so that I could survive in the cultivation world, but I was humiliated by a female demon head
. There is a great disparity in strength. He can only live in disgrace and hope not to meet each other again
without a backer, he got the favor of the magic sect leader and was able to practice with peace of mind. When he became the chief disciple, he was stunned when he met the leader
looking at each other's beautiful face, he can't smile. Isn't this the female devil?
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