Author :Luo Po De Xiao Chun Jie

Wuxia: reward full level magical skill at the beginning Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 18:02:00 Latest chapter:Can eat several meals! Su Mo crosses the world of martial arts and takes over an escort agency that is on the verge of collapse
the Jianghu is ferocious and treacherous. He didn't want to mingle in the Jianghu, but he accidentally got a [escort system]
as long as the escort is successful, you can get rewards
[successfully escorting the dart and obtaining a reward: the Dragon elephant Prajna skill is great and complete!]
[if you succeed in escorting, you will get a reward: Thirteen deadly swords!]
[Successful Escort, get reward: Buddha's palm!]
the world-renowned art industry has set off a storm
from the moment Su Mo stepped into the Jianghu, the Jianghu was no longer calm
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