Author :Pian Fang Fang

General, madam called you to farm Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 14:59:00 Latest chapter:Su Cheng's Method I just took a nap in the lounge. When I opened my eyes, I was dressed as an ancient illiterate country fat girl
I'm a glutton and lazy, and I'm still a bully in the village
no one in ten miles and eight villages wants to marry her. It's not easy to buy a golden turtle son-in-law. On the wedding day, people escaped
the bully's father was so angry that he went down and captured a husband to her
just... Dad, is there something wrong with what you captured
Su Pangya is very busy after marriage
busy transforming bully father and bully brother
busy rescuing the beautiful general husband
busy raising three little bullies xiaodouding
carelessly, she became the most important female Marquis of Dayan!
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