Author :Jian Jia Du Jiang

Start from Xiaoao Jianghu to push martial arts Serial

Last update:2022-10-31 21:00:00 Latest chapter:Be an Ox and a Horse (Six Watches) My name is Tian Hao, and my character is reckless. Tian is the Tian of two old Wangs next door. Hao is the Hao who is disrespectful to heaven
now he has joined the Huashan sect. However, since master Yue buqun studied the sunflower scriptures, he always feels strange in his eyes every day, which makes people feel a little nervous
in this complex world of martial arts, Tian Hao wants to create a template for a large BOS, train the strongest muscles, cultivate the strongest martial arts, stack the thickest armor, use the largest sword to break everything, and create a Xintiandi
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