Author :Ye Yin Xiao

Rax's method of threading rod Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:52:00 Latest chapter:written request for leave The staff of the void, also known as the Dharma wearing staff, is of dark descent, twisted flesh and blood material, and the core of the staff of the force of the void. It is a necessary good product for home and travel in the place of amulets
a piercer does not necessarily have a system - because a piercer can also become someone else's system. [reward task: little yellow hair must die]: 'do you see that little yellow hair named ezerel? Go on, Lach. Beat this thief. I'll teach you to transfer to the big element envoy!'
'your name is ezerel? Lach's one click supernatural rune is equipped!' Keywords: League of heroes, Lach, battle of two cities, land of runes, shurima, demacia
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