Author :Xian He Bai

Global simulation Era Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 11:57:00 Latest chapter:The field that is shocked by the half step of the festival This is an era in which everyone can enter the myriad worlds and simulate life
when everyone is 16, there is a life lamp that can illuminate two free life simulations
in the process of simulation, you must break the limit of life to soar
you will lose your life lamp and die in a short life under the erosion of black fog
the first simulation of Lin Qiye, which came through, failed
in the second simulation, you suddenly get the S-level permanent talent: Genesis deduction
the first life: [at the age of 2, you suddenly have a bad disease, become a big head child, have a low IQ, your parents died at the age of 15, and your youth died of a fatal disease at the age of 18]
'Genesis deduction, give me a way to break the game!'
[congratulations on changing your life against the sky and getting S-level score and reward...]

the second one: [at the age of 15, your aura revived. You don't have the talent of awakening, and your childhood sweetheart soared to the sky. At the age of 16, you were killed by a strange man.]
'Genesis deduction!'
[you plan Reiki recovery in advance, change your life against the sky, get S-level score and reward...]
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