Author :Qian Shui De Guo Ba

Lord of the whole people: my arms have changed Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 20:06:00 Latest chapter:Prince Li Ke Ten thousand boundaries collapsed and returned to one
the whole people came to the primitive continent to become lords and fight for survival
at the beginning of arrival, everyone will obtain an initial territory, recruit arms and powerful territory
'it's over. I can only recruit wolf pups when I go to the territory of the beast system randomly!'
'I'm almost the same. I'm from the undead department. I'm a small skeleton of the initial arm!'
'what the hell is a machinery factory? How can people live if they only give a mechanism bird?'
'ha, you've done a good job. It's said that the initial arms of the botanical department are the worst. Some people randomly go to small saplings and have no combat power!'
Lin you looked at the news that kept passing by, and looked at the three big characters [flora] on his territory information, and cried
how to play
gradually, he found that the saplings he recruited would mutate!
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