Author :Yang Shi Liang Jia Zi

I am the great song dynasty Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 23:45:00 Latest chapter:All ready At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the court was sick and weak. The whole country is plagued by such maladies as redundant officials and soldiers, and the emphasis on literature and the neglect of military
however, Zhao Huan felt that all kinds of old diseases in the imperial court of the Song Dynasty were scabies. There was only one serious ailment, that is, the emperor's knees were too soft
after crossing Zhao Huan, Emperor qinzong of the Song Dynasty, he was once again trapped in the Jin army camp. It was less than a month since he was abandoned
it seems that the fate of misery and humiliation has been doomed to be imposed on him, but Zhao Huan will never accept his fate and vows to wash away this doomed humiliation and win the half of heaven
I am a country, so the Song Dynasty added three parts of blood, two parts of bravery and one part of technology, and finally changed the whole world
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