Author :Xia Chong Hua Xue

The beginning of the heavens: my son Ye Fan has the posture of an Immortal Emperor Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 16:37:00 Latest chapter:The rabbit cried My name is Ye Chen. I'm from the imperial capital. I have four out of 50 this year. In fact, I have another identity, that is, the piercer
on this day, ye Chen, who was drinking afternoon tea, had a strange mechanical sound in his mind
'Kanlong's death direction, shaking dragon's death direction, leaving dragon's death direction, exchanging dragon's death direction, creating magic cube, nine palaces and eight trigrams.'
'it has been detected that the host's son Ye Fan is a man of destiny and is bound by cause and effect.'
it turns out that ye Chen is also a systematic passer-by, but why are you late for the system
the world is mainly composed of 'covering the sky', 'perfect world', 'holy ruins' and 'mang Huang Ji'. Among them, there are copies of the world, such as 'the only respect of Jiandao', 'Zhuxian', 'the legend of mortals cultivating immortals', 'Cangyuan map', 'divine tomb', 'the respect of one life', 'eternal life', 'star changes' and 'devouring the starry sky'
group number: [606037106]. I have finished the novels 'the soul of the perfect world' and 'the land master of the West journey'
group number: 606037106.
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