Author :Ba Yun Lü

The executioner of Dayu begins by torturing the bride of the Witch Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 02:58:00 Latest chapter:If something goes wrong, will the princess's career be over? This is a world of practitioners. There are Taoists, Buddhas, Confucians, Wufu, demons, and insects...
in the second year of Yongzhao, the stormy Dayu Dynasty, under the situation of the Empress Dowager changing two emperors, surged in and out of the court
Zhao CuO opened his eyes and became the eldest son of the Duke of Zheng. His fiancee is also the first beauty in the capital. The family is the number one hawk dog of the stepmother. As long as he holds this thigh tightly, he is sure to have no worries. Compared with the more and more low-key passers-by predecessors, he is really a failure
'what! Is your fiancee a spy of the demon family or a princess of the Mobei demon court?'
'colluding with the demon clan is a great crime against the three clans!'
'will the Empress Dowager kill me?'
that night, Zhao mistakenly put the poison that could bring down the great sage of the demon family in the wine. As the heir of the Zhao family who has guarded the lock demon city for generations and held the execution department, he has a complete set of torture tools
however, this night, he was planted with the most vicious 'dragon worm' by a beautiful and hateful witch
in order to suppress the insects, Zhao Cuo, a fellow disciple of the Taoist method, tortured the demons in the world in charge of the criminal department. After many years, he will look back and testify to the gods
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