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How can I get confused when the start is top Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:58:00 Latest chapter:Cause a war Chu Zhi has crossed the parallel world and become the top stream in China. There are more than 100000 comments on Weibo updates
a series of malicious traps such as playing big names, plagiarizing new songs, hidden marriage and cheating have turned into small fresh meat
at the beginning of the collapse, fortunately [personality system] did something that most stars dare not do, and you can get the blind box of points
so -
'the famous singer Chu Zhi had a hangover to seek inspiration for new songs.'
'late for the show? No! The artist's life is different.'
'in public, you can easily hate people. Chu and Zhi are natural and unrestrained. They have the style of famous scholars in the Wei and Jin Dynasties.'
Chu Zhi said: 'people are very good at brain toning talented people.
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