Author :Xiao Bai Bai De

This Lord is very scientific Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:00:00 Latest chapter:Second disciple Lin Ke crossed the world and, with the help of the system, made use of modern knowledge to cultivate and develop and become the king
this is the world of professionals, the world of sword and magic, the world of blood inheritance, and the world of countless ethnic struggles
one day, Lin Ke rode a bicycle with auxiliary wheels in front of the army, and in front of him was an endless enemy
[shield warrior], [arsonist], [herding tree Banshee], [blowing dancer], [thunder sword lady], [frozen Knight], [voodoo magician]...
look at the tall, thin, old, weak and sick people behind him. Lin Ke laughs and shouts: 'workers! Takeout [Knights], [scientists], [doctors... Raise the flag of Azan and follow me!'
as a result, the history of the boundless plane ushered in a change under the howl of the followers.
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