Author :Lu Guo Ba

Samsara simulation: I can change my life against heaven Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 22:21:00 Latest chapter:The real Dharma, the choice after! In this extraordinary and holy world of Yan Fu, there is the emperor of heaven who lives in the sky and looks at the world; There are immortals traveling in the eight wastelands, traveling in the North Sea in the morning and in the evening, and sharing the same king with the world
there are sages of Confucianism and Taoism to enlighten the world, draw a picture to open the sky, and establish a mind for the world; There are also great virtuous monks who smile at the flowers, follow the heaven and earth, and evolve boundless Buddha land, which is comparable to the bliss of the West
Jiqiu is just a mole like an ant under the boundless world
I thought it was just the beginning of a mortal. In the midst of difficulties and dangers, I won the chance to become a Taoist
[samsara simulation takes you to experience the various forms of different lives.]
a plausible simulator took him into a completely different world
a rare Zen and Taoist genius in Buddhism, he entered the Taoism with martial arts and entered the Imperial City alone. He was dressed as white as blood, just to win a sentence of 'not to be unworthy of the Tathagata and not to be unworthy of the Qing Dynasty'
at the time of the end of the Dharma, the rising Taiping Taoist master has been giving alms to the world since the end of the world. He has broken down mountains and temples all the way, and has become the only true cultivation in the world before the spirit tide rises
the world is turbulent, and the flames of war are everywhere. The iron hooves of the Northern Yuan Dynasty go south. A Taoist sect leader was born in the sky, saving the common people and helping the Dragon Court to create a lifetime myth
the leader of the magic gate, the sage of Confucianism, the relegated immortal of Taoism, and the emperor of the ages
the boundless years, endless time and space, and the steady steps of Ji Qiu all the way up against the current have left indelible traces in this rolling history.
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