Author :Yuan Fei Bu Ke

I heard I was a grave robber Serial

Last update:2022-11-18 20:47:00 Latest chapter:Untitled Solemnly declare: this story takes place in parallel time and space, and all the details are fabricated by the author. If there are similarities, bah, there are no similarities
police: come on, look at it. Does this photo look familiar
protagonist: is this an underground cave? Haven't seen it. Is it an animal's hole
policeman: look at this again. Do you know me
protagonist: is this a spider? Sorry, I don't know anything about biology. I really can't see what kind of animal it is
police: I can't see what you are stumbling about? Mei Qian, you are a grave robber who has committed the most heinous crime. Why don't you honestly explain your crime
Mei Qian never dreamed that his own copy and original tomb robbing novels would be touched by ancient tombs in parallel time and space. The key is to wear. He simply can't explain where he was a few years ago. How can this dead end be broken?
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