Author :Jiang Nan Xiao Xiao Mei

Out of control Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 00:01:02 Latest chapter:Bring Sihui here He seems to be modest and lustless, but behind him, he tortures her every night. She planned the marriage between Chen Yilin and Gu Nanxiao
in Gu Nanxiao's eyes, Chen Yilin is mean and contemptible, and he is unworthy of his white moonlight shoes
'Gu Nanxiao, can you spare me?' Her tearful eyes were dim and she prayed in a low voice. Without pity, he tortured her to death: 'since you are married to me, you should listen to me. If I let you kneel, you must never lie down!' Later, when Chen Yilin got married, Gu Nanxiao leaned her against the door and bit her earlobe. His voice was hoarse: 'don't marry him, OK?' She reached out her hand to push him away, raised her eyebrows and raised her lips: 'Mr. Gu, my friend's wife, you can't play. You've crossed the line!'
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