Author :Ai Zuo Meng De Lan Chong

Three thousand Taoist scriptures at the beginning, I became a saint Serial

Last update:2023-01-25 23:57:00 Latest chapter:Star sand Refining Essence and transforming Qi,
refining Qi and transforming spirit,
refining spirit and returning to emptiness,
returning to emptiness and harmony,
the ancient and mysterious sixteen truths tell all the secrets of cultivation
what kind of sparks will the different Chinese fairyland, which is also the strength of immortals and martial arts, burst out with the fairyland after coming to the foreign world
this is the story of a young man who became a Taoist ancestor with the help of the Earth Star memory
there are 2.7 million words of excellent old book 'the way of the stars in the wilderness', with guaranteed quality!
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