Author :Qiao Ke Li Zhan Tang

Food circle external hanging Emperor Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:03:00 Latest chapter:I don't know who cares for whom When Fu Yu woke up from his dream, he felt that he had been forced to eat a pie by heaven
everything familiar suddenly becomes virtualized
the kitchen table, the tools used, the co-workers and the customers
all people and things have become walking NPCs and auxiliary props
daily life and work have become the main tasks to be completed and the key clues for advancement< br/>
the customer ordered a piece of loose meat
Fu Yu takes out a piece of fresh tenderloin: [pork: freshness: 90%]
hold the egg in one hand: [egg: freshness: 85%]
heat oil in the pot, prepare starch, and prepare green onions, ginger and garlic
fry the meat first and then fry it. After the meat is cooked, put it in the pan and put it in front of the customer: [Ding! Complete the task with a piece of loose meat. Get rewards: cooking experience + 10, RMB + 10, no oil leakage spoon!]
as a cook who is chased by God to feed, he will be promoted as long as he cooks!
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