Author :Ming Tian Zai Jian Fei

Space farmer: mother dressed as three oil bottles Serial

Last update:2022-09-25 23:34:00 Latest chapter:Is it really sick? Gu Li, who should have been buried in the sea, accidentally crossed into the second daughter-in-law of the rural Shao family. It's just that the husband who just died didn't tell me, but he still left the old lady and three drag bottles to raise
everyone thought she would stay away from this mess, but Gu Li wanted to do the opposite
'what's your name, just call your mother.' Bai picked up three eldest sons. Even the future villains in the book, she has the ability to get back on the right track
she has seen a lot of storms and waves. It's easy for her to farm, do business and get rich. In my last life, I was just a duckweed without roots. In this life, I am finally complete!
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