Author :Dong Ze Zhang Gong Zhu

The doctor's wife depends on the farmer Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:53:23 Latest chapter:Chen Fu has rendered meritorious service He died after medical treatment. Once he passed through a deserted place where birds don't poop, he was still an exile. Fu Yan could only live under the eaves of his enemy's house and ask for a meal. He was not even a husband and wife. He was always disturbed by the man's charming beauty. The man was cold and evil, and he hated and hated her. When she earned enough money to make the pair of mandarin ducks happy, The man suddenly grabbed her hand. What is this, this
'there are wolves on the mountain and robbers on the road.'
'I'm not afraid. I'll poison you one by one.'
'officers and men will come to catch you.'
'I have a way to hide the truth - what else do you want to say?'
'well, I can't bear to part with you.'
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