Author :Kang Zhan San Lang

Liangjian: develop independently and bring back an artillery regiment Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 22:26:00 Latest chapter:In Taiyuan, the devil is in a mess The group performance Wang Cheng went through the parallel world of swords and became Wang Chengzhu, the artillery under Li Yunlong
after the first World War in cangyunling, in order to keep his position, Li Yunlong issued a military order to the general manager, and in three months, the new regiment developed into a reinforced regiment comparable to the 358 regiment of the Shanxi Suiyuan army
after three months, the whole regiment will gather
1st battalion commander: I have 50 more soldiers than before
second battalion commander: I have less than 10 soldiers, but there are two Italian guns
Wang Chengzhu looked at his own troops: Commander, although you only gave me a platoon, is it not too much for me to have 50 people in this platoon
in addition, in order to ensure the safety of artillery, I set up a security force of reinforced infantry battalion, an armored battalion, a cavalry battalion and a special brigade. Isn't it too much?
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