Author :Yan Qing

Taoist chanter Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 17:59:00 Latest chapter:The way of thieves In the dark of the day, the spirits of the world are rising, everything grows abnormally, and all kinds of demons and ghosts wake up with the great changes in the world
a big demon suppressed by the immortal temple is ready to break through the earth
as the leader of the temple, Zhang Wenfeng is still working hard to fill his stomach with three meals a day
the black donkey in the field stabbed and cursed: 'donkey day, it's impossible to live this day!'
the paper figure presses the donkey to talk, and the red embroidered shoes haunt the wall
Silver cows stand in the way, and foxes have nine life rabbit nests
the coffin shop is a water walking dragon, a string of rosary beads and lotus wine
in my dream, I lost my soul in a puppet dance and struck the peach wood sword to kill evil
Zhang Wenfeng found that when he recited the Taoist Scriptures he remembered in his previous life, he was able to evolve a kind of Taoist magic
this is a story about a Taoist donkey who grew up and grew up savagely after listening to anecdotes in the Jianghu
this is an endless road to kill demons, demons, evil spirits and immortals. You can't retreat, fear, or turn back. Please take care of yourself when you go forward with a sword
(the author has the recommendation of the 200000 word old book 'I want to be a knife bearer this time', which is so hot and cool that it is explosive.)
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