Author :Ha Li Bo Te Hong

Big BOS behind Hogwarts Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:30:00 Latest chapter:I flirt above the nuclear bomb As soon as gidrow Lockhart became the Minister of magic, several unexpected guests came to his office
Dumbledore: 'minister, I have to tell you with deep sorrow that Moriarty Slytherin is the most hidden person in the European magic world!' Lovegood, editor in chief of dissent, said: 'minister, you can see that the major riots in Hogwarts, the great avalanche in Himalaya, the great robbery in gulingge, the great opening of the world cup, the great explosion in newmengard, the great defection of Azkaban, and the great riots in demstrom all point to one person, Moriarty Slytherin!' Platinum noble Lucius: 'on behalf of the pure blood family, I strongly request the minister to launch an arrest for Moriarty Slytherin! Oh, my minister, don't look at me with greedy eyes. The pure blood money has been taken away by Moriarty.' Jidro Lockhart smiled with a signboard smile: 'please allow me to introduce you to my young master, the greatest wizard in history, the commander of dawn and darkness, the controller of snow and thunder, the legendary god of law, Moriarty Slytherin!' This is the story of a little wizard who has only magic in his heart and becomes a big BOS behind the scenes in the Harry Potter World.
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