Author :Yi Jiu

Divine doctor silly concubine: King can defy heaven's favor Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 00:27:06 Latest chapter:A new plague She is the head of the hidden ancient martial arts family. She has excellent medicine and poison, and her acting skills are online
she is the foolish third lady of the prime minister's residence. Her father doesn't care, her mother died early, her sisters beat and scolded, and her evil slaves humiliated her
in a car accident, she became her and was married to the blind and lame disabled king
pretending to be crazy and foolish, she beat her own sister, tore up the imperial edict, angered her father, abused her own mother, punished Diaoyu, and slept a beautiful man
what? The beautiful man is actually the fiance of the disabled king, and he also wronged Ba and accused her of throwing it away when she finished
she holds her forehead, and beauty is wrong
this is a deal, and strong union. From then on, he regarded her as his life.
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