Author :Cheng Feng Yu Jian

Nuclear powered Sword Fairy Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:07:00 Latest chapter:Take the initiative Along the coast, a hundred meter star gate is shining everywhere
outside the star gate, the army made of steel can't be seen at a glance
on the sky, a fighter flies across the sky, weaving the iron curtain
in the distant sea, an aircraft carrier, destroyer and frigate are all over the sea, ready to go
all the muzzles are aligned with a figure coming out of the Stargate
'in the name of the federal command, I order you to step down. Otherwise, you will be waiting for an all-out war.'
since ancient times and modern times, his body has risen against the wind. In an instant, he has grown from less than two meters to a chaotic demon God several kilometers high. The white dwarf like light emanates from him. Only his own gravity has caused lightning and thunder and tsunami tides in a thousand miles
he bowed his head...
looked at a toy like weapon of war
I reached out and a hydrogen bomb fell into my hand
helium is released from the nucleus of the electron degenerate state in the body, and the helium element expands. The horrible high temperature instantaneously polymerizes deuterium and tritium, which are the same elements of hydrogen, and the energy bursts. The suddenly formed white glow is like lighting a sun on the sea
before the sun's energy was released, his hands closed, and the shining white mixed with hundreds of millions of high temperatures were compressed and sealed in his hands, and no more than half a minute escaped
'I think you should choose peace.'
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