Author :Zhi Da Lei Bu Xia Xue

Escape from famine in space: bring hundreds of billions of materials to support the boss Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 06:03:00 Latest chapter:Find the medical center Jin Qian never thought of it, but inherited a legacy, but inexplicably added a mysterious space
I don't know where the space leads to, the end of the world, crossing, or infinite survival
at the thought of those online novels she saw before, Jin Qian could not sit still any longer. That is to hoard as much as possible. It is best to fill the whole space
when she squandered all her money and prepared to return home, the next door was actually the male god in her mind
just as she was struggling to express her feelings, she even wore it back to ancient times together with the male god after the plane crash
on the dry ground and with her mouth full of sand and stones, she became one of the people who fled from famine. She looked down at her bony body and did not forget to pat her chest
unashamedly comforted the male god in the same situation, 'don't worry, senior, I will support you!'
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