Author :Cheng Jia Xi

The landlords and women of the imperial examination prime minister's family Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 14:03:00 Latest chapter:come to realize the truth One day, while the ladies were talking and laughing, they talked about the husband's preferences at home. Mrs. chamberlain of the Ministry of household, my husband's face is cold and his heart is hot. He can't bear my tears. He likes the clothes and ornaments I make most
the minister's wife smiled. My husband is gentle and introverted. He is the most considerate, but he has a request. A bowl of sweet soup is enough
the wife of the Chamberlain of the Ministry of rites raised her lips lightly, and the concubine smiled. The husband did not refuse. My husband likes to play pinball. If one box is not enough, then two boxes. It's really hard to talk about it. So we should fight for one game. Everything is easy to discuss. Can we say that
a little worried!
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