Author :Lian Ou Pai Gu Tang Ya

The demons have learned the way, from mandrills to chaotic apes Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 01:02:00 Latest chapter:Zhenjun makes a move, and Lingbao is famous! (Two in one, please subscribe!) He was reborn as a mandrill, carrying the treasure of chaos [Yan Fu treasure tree]
it's difficult for a demon to get to heaven if he can cultivate his way
at the beginning, Ye Jin just wanted to live in this dangerous world of cultivating immortals...
unexpectedly, she unexpectedly became the first demon ape in the world
this book is also known as the history of the immortal with three eyes and five signs, I'm sorry that I was born as a demon, and the showdown, your father and I are the saints of heaven
this is the story of a little mandrill finally becoming a chaotic devil ape...
(do not abuse the Lord, do not abuse the virgin, and kill decisively)
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