Author :Hui Se Mu Bei

I can go back to the mysterious times Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:59:00 Latest chapter:The Ready to Move Cassio (4000) Collect legendary antiques and trace back to the mysterious martial arts. From the moment of awakening plug-in, Cassio knows that he is no longer ordinary...
[legendary antique: wind Ivory pendant]
'seventy years ago, in Beiliu County of the red Li Federation, the wind elephant gate youth training camp'
'Li Wei, you are a coward! On the day when my sister was killed, you trembled in the corner! On the night of the war of extermination, you shamefully escaped! In your long revenge career of more than ten years, you missed good opportunities again and again!'
'now let me teach you what courage is, and let me tell you how to make suffering burn into your own strength. I hope you can remember: you are a man, and you are an indomitable man!'
it is a taboo era and a secret legend. The misty continent is a place of blockade
countless glorious ancient people wail in the wind of ruins
I will witness your legend lost in the fog, the knight in the sky, the ghost in the desert, and the mouse in the mud. Fighting sword refers to the direction of light, and flowers will grow where bullets fall
the wind of history will eventually blow away the garbage in front of the tomb of the times.
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