Author :Hei De Ma Yi

Daqin: I'm a saint by reading. The beginning calls for Snow Dragon riding! Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:31:00 Latest chapter:Kill half with one word, slay the devil! Unexpectedly, he passed through the Qin Dynasty and became the eighth Prince Ying ziye. He awakened the divine reading system and became stronger as long as he read! As long as you read, you can get unlimited rewards. As long as you read, you can become a saint
for this reason, Ying Zi studied all day long and worked hard to avoid disaster
one day
the first emperor was in great danger and wanted to travel east to seek long life
the Mohist school is ready to move
the remaining evils of the six countries are ready to revolt
Zhao Gao intended to tamper with the imperial edict
Ying ziye knew that he could not hide any more at this time! If you hide the Daqin again, you will be killed by Hu Hai
'I've been playing the pig and eating the tiger for more than ten years. Today, I don't hide it!'
'today, I'm a saint by reading! One sword cuts the sky!'
'order, 3000 Snow Dragon cavalry!'
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