Author :Qing Meng Zui Hong Yan

Rebirth: beautiful and beautiful wife Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 22:52:00 Latest chapter:Mr. Huo, my hand hurts After Chu Wan died, she became a wandering soul and followed Huo Yanzheng
this person is too cold and tough. Chu Wan was a natural person. She only wanted to divorce Huo Yanzheng. She didn't know that he really loved her until she saw that Huo Yanzheng had no reason to hold her cold body
returning from her rebirth, Chu Wan stared at Huo Yanzheng standing in front of her
before she could react, Huo Yanzheng pushed her against the wall and locked her firmly
he suddenly bowed his head and gave her a lingering kiss on her lips. Then Chu Wan heard him whisper in her ear: 'Wan, please don't go.'
Chu Wan was shocked
thinking of her previous life, Chu Wan's heart ached. In the next moment, she held Huo Yanzheng tightly and responded to him gently and firmly: 'OK, I won't go.'
if you don't forget it, it will have an echo
to live a new life, she only wants to find a person with one heart and keep her white head together.
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