Author :Sha La Gu Si

Judge Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 17:00:00 Latest chapter:Brother Ling, here is a generous gift for you My name is Xu Zhiqiong. It's the dome of the sky
in this world, there are hegemonic, killing, living and dead ways. I am in the fifth way
there are Confucianists, Mohists, strategists and yin-yang schools in the world. I am the only one
I decide whether to live or die in the sun. I kill the wicked and send them to the underworld
the wicked are tortured in the underworld. I earn merit with the wicked. I am the nightmare of the wicked in the world
I carry a lantern and walk slowly in the middle of the night
there was a gust of bloody wind in front of me and a burst of crying
don't cry, don't be afraid. I'll help you deal with him. I'll do you justice
right and wrong, good and evil will be known. I will judge and judge
Xu Zhiqiong smiled
lantern man, hand lamp!
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