Author :Gua Qian Chuan

Marvel's Hogwarts Wizard Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 17:59:00 Latest chapter:The soul of a generation (first watch) In the face of annihilator and his numerous alien soldiers, Jerry takes out his magic wand:
'Avada demands life', 'Shenfeng no shadow', 'upside down Golden Bell', 'Tonghua'...
take back his magic wand, press his hands on the ground, a huge alchemy array is generated on the ground, and countless cannon tubes are thundering
get up and put your hands together, and the Dragon killing arcane magic starts, 'red lotus exploding thunder blade!'
through the marvel world, Jerry got a strange panel that rewards little red star as long as he does well
consuming the little red star can go to other magic small world to learn magic,
consuming the little red star can also refresh your mind and speed up the efficiency of learning magic
in order to protect himself and his family, Jerry has no choice but to embark on the road of doing good deeds to earn little red stars and studying magic hard
the protagonist is not a virgin, not a brain, and not a system. The panel is only responsible for crossing and refreshing. All magic is acquired by the protagonist through learning and is strong through research.
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