Author :Bing Bing Dai Fu

I've all ascended the throne. Who should I contact Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 23:42:00 Latest chapter:Daylight Hell 'Remember what I said just now!'
'sorry, I've only passed through for one minute. Why don't you say it again!'
'I'm dying. I can't get the antidote until I finish the task. Otherwise, I'll die. I'll go in two days...'
'Hello, who should I contact? Hang up after that!'
in a strange world, an unknown Dynasty, a lost memory, an unknown task, Mengxin undercover Chu Mu is a little confused
in order to find out the cause and effect, and to get the antidote to survive, Chu Mu decided to cheer up and go to the meeting. But the emperor died and did not open the door before he started
'Oh, God! I don't care. If I don't open the door, I'll turn it in and connect!'
Chu Mu didn't expect to find himself in a big conspiracy. He went into the palace and sat on the Dragon chair
looking at the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty kowtow to themselves, Chu Mu looked sad: 'I have already ascended the throne. How can I connect with them?'
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