Author :Chen San Shi Yi

Sword shining dare to die camp Serial

Last update:2022-09-22 23:49:00 Latest chapter:win promotion and get rich Actor Chen Shanhe accidentally fell into the sword world and lost his memory
I still hold a copy of the script paper in my hand, on which I write a long paragraph
'our bullets have been exhausted in the previous battle, but the battalion commander rushed with the remaining 67 of us and killed the Japanese team with bayonets and bayonets.
we killed 54 Japanese troops at the cost of 6 people and saved the whole village.
I am the only person alive in the battalion. The battalion commander held my hand and said before he died: 'You are the only seed of our battalion. You must take the battalion flag back.
take it back and tell the regiment leader that there is no one in our battalion who is afraid of death. All of them died on the way of charging.'
the battalion commander said that if I went back to see the regiment leader, I would tell the regiment leader that we don't want the title of 'great achievement camp', and just give us the title of 'dare to die camp'
because we dare to die
for the sake of victory and the people, we dare to die
I promised the battalion commander that I would take the battalion flag back
from that day, from the day when I was left alone in our camp, our camp was called the dare to die camp. '
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