Author :Fen Nu De Wu Zei

My simulated longevity Road Serial

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What's more, this immortal cultivation world has been completely changed by a plague
people are infected with diseases. Once the immortal comes into contact with them, their cultivation will be reduced in the light, and they will return to heaven in the heavy. Therefore, the immortal and the mortal will be separated forever
immortal Dharma cannot be practiced together. The whole cultivation world has become a huge dark forest
Li Fan came through. Although he was ambitious, he could only roll in the world and waste his life
fortunately, at the end of his life, he finally woke up to the exotic treasure, and was able to turn the real life into a dream and return to the time when he just passed through
therefore, Li Fan began his long life
the second, Li Fan, who had been in power for 50 years, found no Fairies in the world. Only at the end of life can we see immortal traces
in the third generation, Li Fan tried his best to plan, but he could not beat the immortal's sword
the fourth generation...
I, Li Fan, a mortal, will not regret for a hundred generations, but will live forever!
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