Author :Ni Lu 2077

This brave man is even more a human scorn Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:56:00 Latest chapter:god The brave man who worked hard and diligently for the gods for 25 years saved the world, and then he was reborn
at the moment of rebirth, the brave man fully realized
justice? modest? pity? good? Glory? The heart of virtue of the brave
shit, I quit
why fight alone if you can fight in groups? Why don't you poison me if you can? How dare you not accept the just attack? Kowtowing to the elemental elves can give me strength. I kowtow to the element elves. It makes me sick. I kicked his robe open. He dare not say a word
it's also part of the story to collect money as a brave person. Don't play if you're unhappy.
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