Author :Ning Qing Han

After I dumped my online boyfriend, I was kissed and cried Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 23:58:00 Latest chapter:Shen Yu, let's get together Tang Ruan is bright and beautiful. She is the ceiling of beauty in the entertainment circle. However, she is facing the crisis of being replaced because of her poor emotional performance.
for this reason, she rented an online boyfriend for immersive experience. After the shooting, she threw a five-star praise and ran away
Shen Yu, the flower of Gaoling that nobody touches in Jiangda, accidentally got a 'online love friend 23' because he helped his brother to replace the 'online boyfriend' class.
several months later, Shen Yu thought about running, but he received a five-star praise
holding his mobile phone, Shen Yu raised his eyes and curled his lips, sneering: Well, he was not only regarded as a cowherd, but also dumped
after that day, the flower of Gaoling in Jiangda was even more impersonal.
brothers couldn't bear to watch it: it was just being played with. There are no flowers in the end of the world. Why do you love a single flower?
looking at the new news on your mobile phone, looking gloomy
[brother, I'd like to rent you for another period of time, the kind we meet.]
Shen Yu looked up at his brother and sneered: 'love flowers alone?' He wants to break flowers
white beauty star vs kaolin flower male college student (fake) / black belly dressed poor (real)
Tang Ruan? Shen Yu [1v1 Shuangjie]
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