Author :Ba Wan

I'm not a gold saint Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:20:00 Latest chapter:New Book: After Retirement from the Navy, I Became a Favourite Wife Demon You became a tomb keeper in the holy land
in the face of the upcoming Jihad, you just want to take care of the cemetery and be a king in peace
but the main plot overturns, and you have to burn the small universe and break into the zodiac by yourself...
goddess Athena: you promised me that you would marry me after the holy war, and I'll show you the blissful land
Poseidon, the God of the sea: in the future, I will make you my brother and let Zeus go
Hades: I have never seen such a brazen person as you
you shrug your shoulders: gentlemen, I just want to be a tomb keeper quietly. Please don't disturb me to guard the tomb. How far you go!
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