Author :Ji Leng

National leader: I have emperor simulator Serial

Last update:2022-10-23 21:30:42 Latest chapter:End of The game of the Lord of the world is opened, and all people cross the world to become the king of a country
but after a few days, everyone quietly woke up to the situation they were facing
in the eyes of these forces, the monarch is nothing but a puppet
and this is not a drill. If you are careless, you will die in a different world
fortunately, Liang Qiu woke up to the emperor simulator
[get three emperors' fortunes and start to simulate now]
[on February 22, you will become the king of a country]
[on February 23, you will make great efforts to rule the country, and the Imperial Hall will shake the dragon's power!]
[on February 29, you were killed by an assassin sneaking into the Imperial Palace]
[after the simulation, you can keep the imperial spirit forever]

when the novice protection period ended seven days later, Liang Qiu looked at the chaotic court with a gentle sneer
'it's time for a change.'
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