Author :Chen Zhou Diao Xue

After the descendants of Chinese martial arts fled the famine, their confidants were all over the world Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 23:59:00 Latest chapter:On Emperors' Mind Skill Cheng Ling, the successor of modern martial arts, went through the ancient times of war and chaos. He took his family to flee from famine, farm, practice medicine, and do business...
he worked hard to manage the future, only to get a place to live in this strange era after the world was stable, and he could stand up with dignity instead of kneeling for life
but who knows that women's disguise as men is so successful that the new dynasty has left her a good name
young master of the Marquis house: Mr. Cheng is brilliant. What he says is all about governing the world. I must recommend him to the prince
eunuch's offering wine: Cheng Xiaoyou has a beautiful heart. The day when the imperial examination is reopened, it must be the time for him to become famous. If he can't win the first prize, I will hit the post to tell the sky
the eldest lady of the prime minister's residence: Doctor Cheng is a genius of heaven, but he is noble and does not admire fame and wealth. I respect him and love him. Even if I have no fate with him, I should ask the prince's cousin to give him a birth
lady Huakui of the ten mile spring breeze: apart from the three feet of snow on your body, who in the world should wear white clothes? In the court, are they all right with you
with a sigh, only remote mail
the prince, who is always mentioned by people, has already raised his chin
Prince: my brother, my confidant, in your words
Cheng Ling:
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