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The villains also have spring 2 Serial

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serious introduction:
: 0326, remember to reorganize your forces as soon as you return to the shelter. In case of being attacked by big players, there is no place to die
: why target me
: because you destroyed the shelter nine times. He is universally acknowledged as the greatest villain. No one
: therefore, I want to create a civilization first
: No, to be exact, you have to give birth to a race first
: am I alone
: who else
a brief introduction: as a higher civilization capable of parthenogenetic reproduction, it is enough for me to have a male master
Introduction to adults: welcome to the world of incense like the wind
the soul alchemist of online games, the supreme mercenary, the hero and the invincible Supreme Lord, the legend of the magic card, the magic gun and the dragon, the blood man, the Fantian, the villain also has spring, and Liu Bei's daily life, featured and comprehensive, 4K ultra-high definition, anti blue light eye protection, and ultra long release
[virtual online game], [interstellar civilization], [sword and Magic], [epic fantasy], [game alien world], [alien land], [time travel], [Qin and Han Three Kingdoms], limited commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the practice, especially open< br/>
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