Author :Bai Sui Shan Bing Hong Cha

I'm not a 3D player Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 20:33:00 Latest chapter:Won the Best Player of the Western Month Kobe Bryant: 'sun is one of the best defenders I have ever seen. Under his defense, it is difficult for me to maintain efficiency. I have to admit that he is my Terminator!'
James: 'sun is the perfect teammate in my heart. To be honest, I want to play brother basketball with him.'
curry: 'everyone underestimates sun's talent and thinks that he is just a role player, but I don't think so. His progress rate is incredible, and he is lucky to be a teammate rather than an opponent!'
Don Nelson: 'no coach in the world will refuse a top 3D player like sun. He is a perfect Championship puzzle!'
Sun Yi frowned after watching the comments made by a group of stars and famous coaches on him. He said helplessly, 'do they misunderstand my strength? I'm really not a 3D player!'
this is a hot blooded basketball story from 2009!
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